Optimize IT functions and spending to fund critical initiatives.

ADL NETWORKS helps technology organizations optimize their technology spend, free funds for innovation, and increase the productivity of IT investments, without sacrificing key capabilities or lowering the quality of services.

The best practices and processes to make IT leaner, productive and responsive.

IT cost optimization approaches enable a review of all paths that lead to a leaner, more digital and modern organization, without sacrificing key business and technology capabilities.


Optimizing IT to free funds for digital business

Traditional cost cutting efforts can leave organizations ill equipped to advance their digital business initiatives, hampering their capacity to increase revenue, drive loyalty and gain market share. IT optimization services emphasize the evolution of digital capabilities while reducing costs.


With this approach, organizations can capitalize on new and emerging digital business models as they address the needs for efficiency or budget constraints.

Improve the productivity and responsiveness of IT operations

The costs of day to day IT operations escalate rapidly, easily consuming over 60% of the budget. Implementing IT productivity improvement programs can rapidly bring significant savings to many functions, and free talent towards more strategic objectives. An intelligent IT operation component, once built, will continuously bring real-time insights and advanced automations, cutting support costs even further while dramatically improving operations.



IT Operations Productivity Improvement
Intelligent IT Operations

Move to the cloud and optimize cloud resources

Move to the cloud, and increase IT infrastructure availability, scalability and elasticity while optimizing its total cost of ownership through the selection, design, migration, orchestration and optimization of computing and storage resources provisioned in public, private and hybrid clouds.

Cloud Transformation Journey
Cloud Orchestration and Optimization
Cloud Adoption

Optimize hardware, data center, compute and telecom costs